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Filter Changeouts Are Available

dust collector installation

Clean Air Technology Solutions (CATS) provides full service HVAC and Dust Collector changeouts.

First, we ship our filters directly to your plant. For a reasonable price, our expert filter changeout crews will then travel to your location and perform filter changeouts in an efficient and professional manner.

Why are filter changeouts critical?

There are many reasons why you should change your filters out in a timely manner, including the following:

  • Depending on the application, sometimes filters can catch fire. A dust cake will form on the outside of a filter that is not changed on time. This dust cake is often flammable and can be the cause of a fire when a welding spark ignites it.
  • The dust collectors or other equipment will not properly filter out the dust, smoke, etc, thereby creating hazardous conditions in your plant.
  • In many instances a failure to adequately perform filter changeouts and regular PMs causes your equipment to become inefficient or inoperable causing costly down-time and low productivity.

In the end, sticking to a good filter rotation and replacement plan improves productivity and saves on your overall costs.


I have been working with the CATS team for about 4 years now. They are always competitive on prices. But the thing that sets them aside from the rest is their customer service. Will and Heather constantly follow up to make sure that [our company] is taken care of properly. CATS supports us on filter changes to the dust collection system. Will always seems to send Chase with a team to our facility. As a manager, when I know Chase is leading the job I do not have to constantly monitor the crew. I know the job is getting done and is done right. Andy M. - Princeton, IN